HP Products and Tech Support

Thanks HP for the failed product and failed support.

HP Products and Tech Support.

I have a keyboard that came with my PC. I have never turned the keyboard on until today, I wanted to use it. I put a set of batteries in it… nothing. I switched to a brand new set of batteries… nothing.

I searched the web and found a few dismal links. And finally stumbled into HP’s support site. After looking for several minutes I found a generic keyboard and mouse support page that referenced a picture of my keyboard. I found absolutely no information about what to do if you keyboard does not turn on, other than change the batteries and re-pair the device.  But there is a big note on my keyboard stating that it can’t be re-paired.

Even doing a search for the exact model number on their website turns up nothing but a link from several years ago in their forums. The support guy who answered the question did not even give useful information.

So my rating of the ease of use of HP Support: 1 out of 5 It took quite a while to even find information at all about this product, and what I found was not useful, or meaningful.

My rating of documentation for this HP Product: 1 out of 5

My rating of this particular product: -1 out of 5. Epic fail. No lights, no instructions, no details, No functionality.  I suppose I could let my kids play with it as a toy??? Or smash it on something if I want to make a dramatic statement to those around me?

As a side note they had a youtube video about mice and keyboard trouble shooting, it was pretty clear to me that the techs who were doing the video didn’t want to be doing the video. After watching the video I learned nothing useful.

Thanks HP for the failed product and failed support.