Facebook and its Idiocy

I decided to re-open my facebook account only to find out it is a royal pain in the ass…


Greetings! Today I tried to open up my facebook account. I closed it a long time ago, and decided to reopen it so I could reconnect with friends.

Only to find it is a royal pain in the ASS to signup again. I put in my information, verified my information.  Only to be greeted with a message that my account has been disabled due to terms of service???!!! How the heck I literally just signed up. I haven’t even done anything yet. Not even LOG IN.

So, I decided to go to the “help” section because my account has been disabled, and they required a complete scan of my State Issued ID… Seriously?!!! Ok, so I took a picture of my licence and blocked out all the information they did NOT ask for in my application. What good would it do them? They couldn’t verify it anyway… or can they? Can they look up my state ID number? If they can that would be scary

So I decided to sign up with my email address, and it required yet another photo of me, so I sent in JUST THE PHOTO of my drivers licence. (It doesn’t get better than that does it?) I get this message after trying to re-connect to a number for friends…

I really dislike that I had to, especially after hearing the quote from Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of facebook) calling everyone who trusts him “Dumb fucks“.  Yes that most likely includes YOU (and apparently me for trying to sign up)

So, now I have an account that has been created, with ALL legitimate information. Everything I put there is true and correct. I even posted a picture of the real ME on my profile (while it was temporarily available).  But it seems to be disabled.  All I can say is Facebook is a bunch of idiots. I simply opened my account so I could connect with people. I have no intention of POSTING anything or surfing other people’s posts. I want to be able to communicate and many people have facebook making that easier.

Like I said in my only post before I was locked out.  I’m not interested in reading your “news feed”, I’m interested in talking to you.  I’m not interested in YOU reading my “news feed” I’m interested in you talking to me.

Just as an update, I went surfing through the support section to see if anyone else has the issue. I found quite a few people with the issue claiming response times from 72 hrs to 1 month.  For me to post any question about the problem OR its solution requires that I “login” first.  AbsoFreakenLutely brilliant. Lock legitimate users out, force them to submit information to reconnect, give NO feedback about the process, AND don’t allow them to ask a human being any questions.  Brilliant.

For all I know my request has been scanned by a computer and denied already and I have no idea.

So learn to love the words: “You Can’t Log In Right Now” because they just might be the last words you see from facebook.