About Me (and this blog)

I’m me.

If you want the colorful details… My life is in a state of flux. Everything in my life. I’m having to relearn much of what I thought I knew and learn things I should have known a long time ago.  I have experienced times that are unpleasant, and times that are not so unpleasant. Right now, I’m in the mostly unpleasant category, with a few notable exceptions.

All that said. I’m trying to find better life and be a good father in the middle of all of this.  This blog is not a HAPPY blog about fluffy elves who polish door knobs and smile all day. Neither is it meant to be a blog that wallows in self pity and misery.  I’m trying to find a way out of the hole I’m in, into a life worth living.

This is an ADULT blog. At times I will talk about adult things, if you are a kid… go find someplace else to go read. This will be boring to you.

Those of you who know me this blog may be a shock to you. Get over it, or don’t read it. I will try to NEVER mention anyone by name.

I after all the stuff above you may find it odd, but I do still have some faith left. And I am working it out, even in the middle of all of that. I believe that one’s faith should be able to work with anything… if it can’t it needs to be re-visited.  I am in the re-visiting phase currently.

So.. put your mouth piece in, make sure you have a flashlight and a towel… and enjoy the show.