Twitch, youtube, and copyrights oh my…

I understand why we have copyright and patent laws… but I must admit I feel that people are taking things to STUPID extremes. 

I recently started streaming again on and I have wanted to be able to play music in the back ground of videos. I’m not picky about the music, just something to keep from having dead air during things like loading screens or those moments I just don’t feel like talking. offers its “royalty free” music selection on Spotify.  So I fire up spotify, put the music in the background and record 4 hours of video.  I carefully craft it, I split the files.  And Yay! it works.  I upload and I have no problems…. until.  Until I found the button that says “Export” next to my videos in my Video Producer (a part of Twitch).

I do some homework and find out that Hey I can export my recorded and crafted streams directly to my Youtube channel.  It is even integrated with Twitch directly.  Hurray… So I export my videos.  All seems to be well.  2 Days later I start getting Copyright ID notifications that the music I have is in copyright violation, and will be monetized by the people who made the music.

But wait… I thought the music was copyright free? or royalty free?  Let me go back and look at that.  Huh, it says it is.  Why am I in copyright violation?  Because it is only royalty free when used on Twitch.  As soon as I export it guess what… the music is no longer royalty free.  The music label has the music check integrated into Youtube to make sure you don’t violate.

Ok… So, I not wanting to be heart broken, do a little homework and find out that Youtube offers “royalty free” music of its own.  But I decide to read the fine print first and I find this gem… that basically says Youtube cannot provide information or legal status about music (provided on it’s royalty free list) when used outside of it’s platform.

I am not a free loader.  I am producing content.  I am NOT trying to monetize my streaming content, I want to provide content and have fun.  I’m not looking to steal anyone’s work or take credit for it.  But DAMN I can’t even use FREE music in the background of a video game.   I’m not trying to play the top 100 worldwide songs… I’m trying to play music that was labeled as FREE and in fact “royalty free”.

I guess it just pisses me off when people get so litigious about things that you have to read a 4 page small font contract and then contact an attorney to include something on a project that was just a “fun” project that has no commercial implications and wanted to provide content for friends and others with common interests.

I’m tired of greedy people.  I’m sick of advertisers and marketers.  It is probably good that I am not deity… I’d probably have a lot of smiting to do.  I understand why we have copyright and patent laws… but I must admit I feel that people are taking things to STUPID extremes.  If you are one of those stupid people… please please please please…. get some freakin common sense… OR help me become a deity… either way the problem will get fixed.

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