Eve Online – Unkillable Hauler

I did everything you are “not supposed” to do in Eve… and didn’t die.

Ok, I’ve been playing Eve online lately.  Today I decided to try to see how hard it was to be a hauler and I tried to get “ganked”.

I flew between Jita and Amarr for 2 hours on autopilot in a poorly tanked T1 hauler, carrying blue prints (original and copies) for things ranging from T1 to T3.  On a character that was only 2 months old.

I flew (on auto pilot) through a fleet of 58 members of “.Code”.  I believe they are required to shoot people using autopilot…?

And not a single person shot me. Only 3 people yellow boxed me in my 2 hr adventure. Yellow boxing, for those who don’t play, simply means getting a radar lock on without attacking.

I jumped through Sivala and Uedama over 6 times. During the course of the last hour 108 players were ganked in Uedama.

I sat in Jita, undocked for 20 minutes… and no one ganked me.

I’m not sure what is wrong with this game.  I could not find anyone to engage me, I did everything you are “not supposed” to do and I didn’t die.

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