SeeMeCNC Rostock Max v3 Headache

For the amount of money involved in this machine, I have to admit I’m VERY disappointed so far.

Ok, I’ve been fighting with my SeeMeCNC Rostock Max v3 for quite some time now. I’m a few steps away from throwing it in the trash I’m so frustrated with the thing.

I am typically a very precise person, many of my co-workers and people in my life hate that about me… one of my detracting features.  I do make mistakes. They happen if I’m tired or rushed. I have been both of those (at times) on this project, rushed because I was excited, and tired just because there are only so many hours in a day… you can sleep when your dead right?

Because of that I have gone back over this project several times now and I cannot figure out what is off.  I cannot get a good first layer to save my life. My prints are coming out inconsistent.  Even when I repeat the SAME steps.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I have checked my measurements, I have checked my clearances, I have checked my tolerances, I’ve made sure everything was tight…. I have no idea what I’m missing. I’ve read the instructions well over 10 times now checking and double checking that I didn’t “miss” something.

My best guess is that the glass is warped… BUT… it is new glass and using a strait edge I can’t “see” any warping. So I’m not sure what that leaves me. I think one side IS warped a bit. Slightly concave, VERY slightly. The other side SEEMS perfectly flat from what I can tell.

If I auto calibrate the printer, and print a test. Then auto calibrate and print a second item. There is no guarantee the second print will be near the same quality (or flawed), and right now they are ALL having some sort of problem.  I can print items that are less than 4″ in diameter quite successfully if I tune the crap out of the machine. (It takes me about a day…) But I can’t print anything larger AND if I move the machine or have to take any of the parts of I have to start all over. UG!!!!!

I’ve been asking questions on the forums, but unfortunately I’m usually tired when I get around to typing there so I probably sound like a lunatic. I keep printing and adjusting, printing and adjusting, over and over and over again… trying to figure out what is wrong. I have read everything I can get my hands on about calibrating Delta printers and trouble shooting prints. And so far… I haven’t found it.  The forums did help me with the firmware settings, which was nice… but I still have no idea… and no responses about what could be wrong with what I have.

In an attempt to put the machine in ONE place and keep it there I moved it to where it stays and hooked up a Linux desktop I have here at the house up to it.  That was not a pleasant experience. The Arduino software detected the printer right off the bat, well once I took care of some permissions issues. (silly Ubuntu and dial up permissions…) But I was NOT able to get Cura to connect or even recognize that a printer was connected.  I could query the port, and even talk to it, but Cura… just would not do it. I could not find the setting to tell it how to connect. So after spending 4 hours dis-assembling the nozzle/head unit and carriages looking for any mistakes, and re-assembling, I spent another 2 hours trying to connect a Linux desktop to the printer to actually process and print there without success.

For the amount of money involved in this machine, I have to admit I’m VERY disappointed so far. I admit I broke my glass plate and had to replace it… but aside from that I have made 6 successful prints… and about 30-40+ failed prints.  I have spent roughly 4 to 6 hrs every evening since I got it (and weekends) working on this…. The machine looks like it is nicely designed… I do have some gripes… BUT for all that “niceness” I have barely got any good prints yet.  I have studied how to find the right temperatures, flow rates, retractions rates, speeds, cooling… and the printer comes preset pretty dang close. But it still won’t print a good first layer for me.

I’ve heard how amazing this printer is. I’ve been going back and making sure everything is right… and so far EVERYTHING has checked out.  I’m sure I’m missing something… (otherwise it would be working) But I have no idea what I’m looking for, so I just get to keep trying everything until something works… It might make me a “well rounded person”, or better understand the printing process. But when you have things you want to print it is very frustrating.

Despite my frustration, The last few days I have intentionally taken my time and double measured, and been extra patient with what I do on the printer.  I haven’t rushed… despite my desire to.  Eventually I’ll find the issue. (Maybe?)

If not I’ll just start printing a my Prusa i3 Mk2… hopefully I can print those parts well enough.  I am bent on 3D printing, and I was hoping this printer would be the one that would take me from beginner through the intermediate too the lower rungs of advanced without having to replace… but if I can’t get this started… I’m not sure what to do with it.  I still have hope for this printer yet, I’ve spent a lot on it and I’m not about to give up… but it certainly has not been the “fun” project I was hoping for.  (Well it was fun to put it together… until there were problems with no foreseeable resolution. I guess if I knew I could do a week worth of work and be good it would be much more fun again.)

Signing off,

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