Day 0 – What a start.


The basics, I am not a literary person. I’m not a writer or much of a reader. In fact the only reason 50% of these words are spelled right is spell check. My grammar is horrible and my use of punctuation probably makes most 3rd grade teachers cringe. Not to say I don’t want to get better, but understand I’m starting off with a pretty low bar.

I used to think my strength was in Math and Physics… that was before I went 16 years without picking up a math or physics book. Now I am a self taught programmer who hates what it is to be a programmer, but loves the concept of programming. I hate the un-ending metrics, meetings, and TPS reports of being a programmer. I love the problem solving, and the creative thinking it takes to find new solutions.   I HATE taking a template and copy/pasting it over and over like a mindless monkey hoping you don’t miss one of the things  you need to change. If you want to watch someone die slowly on the inside… make them do the same thing over and over again day in and day out, using metrics to drive them ever faster, and never allow for variety or change.  But maybe that is just me… maybe everyone else likes being metrics monkeys.  I can’t speak for them… just me.

Lately my mind is shot… almost literally. (There is a joke there but you’d have to be in my life to get it.) So the creative juices in my head have dried up… I’ve looked for creative KY but apparently they don’t make it.  I was told LSD might work, but my doctor won’t prescribe it despite my arguing that it has many wonderful medicinal uses in the show Fringe and that Walter is a genius.

My family life is complicated, to sum up quickly: separated, but not separated. Mostly friendly, most of the time. My kids are amazing, unless they are moody, crying, fighting, whining, or complaining. Then they are amazing AND that other thing they are being. Sometimes that equation does not balance out… but I don’t write the rules of these equations I just get to observe them.

That is the basics.

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